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Homemade Crepes Recipe (made with love!)

homemade crepes recipe with peaches

This is not just any typical crepe recipe story.  This one is a true story of homemade crepes made with love.  And about food and friendships. Here is a great crepe recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day to share with your friends and loved ones.

Years ago I met Brenda during preschool drop off.  She is bigger than life. (Well, she is from Texas!) I’ll let her tell you exactly how we met because she loves to tell the story.  After getting to know her, I got to meet her kids and her husband, Ben.  They are the picture perfect couple of opposites attract ~ she is the social butterfly, he is the introvert.  She prefers a crowd to share her stories while her laughter fills the room, he prefers one on one conversations and reading.  She makes up her own rules, he makes and follows the rules. She is front and center, he is the quiet brains behind the operation.  But the unique qualities they both share are their passion for life and their loyalty.  These are my kind of people.

I, myself, am more of an ambivert and most definitely the rule follower! On occasion, I like being a part of a big social affair, but prefer smaller groups. I enjoy planning and organizing, but am most comfortable behind the scenes.  I like quiet.  Most of the time. I can easily relate and feel comfortable with both of them.

As our families became closer and spent more time together, I think Ben recognized character and personality qualities in me that was a fit for his growing business as a financial planner here in Eugene, Oregon.  Working with Ben, I was encouraged to learn and grow in my behind-the-scenes supportive role (perfect for me!).  And I was challenged to create procedures and perform tasks that ironically, I apply today on my blog!  (Thank you, Ben!)

The (Love) Story Behind the Homemade Crepes

Our families rang in the new year together and Ben and I were chatting on New Year’s Eve about my blog.  I was expressing my love for sharing food and friendships and creative ideas and how blogging was connecting me with people in a whole new and very fulfilling way.  Then one day he called me and said he would love to share his homemade crepes recipe with me.  A morning of food and friendship?  Sign me up!

I arrived hungry and ready for his crepes.  We got to talking and I soon found out why making crepes is so special to Ben.

Here is a love story for you:

Many years and two kids into their marriage, Ben and Brenda were on a “date night”.  A night out without kids or kid duties and time to reconnect. So Ben asks Brenda, “What is your favorite breakfast?”.  She tells him crepes.  (Guess what?! They met in college when Brenda needed a French tutor ~ enter guess who…Ben! Très magnifique!). I can only assume that busy weekend mornings with kids was a reason that this favorite breakfast just never got made at home.  It was probably that special treat when dining out.

Well, Ben hears this and processes this.  And he does what he does best.  He researches how to make crepes.  He started with no idea how to make crepes but he wanted to do something that would show his wife a gesture of love and that he was listening to her (swoon).  So he contacts a friend who teaches him how to make crepes.  This friend also sells Pampered Chef, so Ben gets himself his very own special pan he uses only for crepes (and that no one else in the family can use.  Seriously, he hides it from them.  This is serious crepe makin’ dedication!).  She gave him a few lessons, and a basic crepe recipe.

So off he goes to practice until practice becomes perfect and he refines the recipe to his own. He has the recipe memorized and can make them in his sleep.  Then the day comes when he put all of his new skills together and presents his wife with homemade crepes.  And we are talking the whole presentation from sliced fruits to powdered sugar ~ and he doesn’t forget the whipped topping! Now, that is love ~ true love!

toppings and fillings for crepes

They are now the family favorite.  When ever there is sleepovers with their girls, there is a line up for dad’s crepes.

Let’s Make the Homemade Crepes

Now this was such a fun morning.  Not only did I get to spend time with a friend who was going to show me how to make homemade crepes, give me so many great pointers and I got to eat one of my favorite breakfasts, too.  (Oh, here is where I should mention that Brenda was there.  Under strict instruction that she couldn’t talk to me because I was there to work with Ben.  Oh, the struggle to watch her have to keep her lip zipped!!)

Making the Crepe Batter

Start out by cracking your 4 eggs right into a your Vitamix (or a good ol’ blender will work).

cracking eggs for crepes

Add your 2 1/4 cups of milk to the eggs.  Set aside.

Next, prepare your flour.  Here is a good tip I learned from Ben about flour: instead of scooping your flour from the container and using the sides of the container to pack into your measuring cup, use another a large cup to scoop out flour.  Then, hold your measuring cup over your bag/container and pour the flour over the measuring cup, essentially “sifting ” it into your measuring cup.  This will be ideal for your flour mixing into your liquid without being too dense.

Melt the butter and add in the vanilla and Ben’s secret ingredient: 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.  I think it’s the warming spices in this blend that really compliments this delicate crepe and raises it from bland to a perfect warm sweetness.

Now that you have your dry and liquid ingredients ready, let’s blend:

Start with your blender on the lowest speed and blend until eggs are mixed.  Slowly start adding small spoonfuls of flour slowly incorporating before adding the next spoonful.

Vitamix for making homemade crepes

Keep adding flour a little at a time.  There should be no lumps.

Next stream in your melted butter/vanilla/spice blend.

Vitamix to blend homemade crepe recipe

Blend on medium for about 30 seconds until the mixture is velvety smooth looking.  You will also notice a nice little funnel forming and you actually “hear” when it is ready.  And it will look like the picture above.

perfect crepe batter for making homemade crepes

Give your batter a test before you start heating your pan.  You want the batter to slightly stick to a fork and run off, like the photo above.

Making the Homemade Crepes

Heat a 10″ skillet to medium heat.  Liberally grease pan with butter or spray.  If you are into some extra fun, flick some water into your pan and listen for it to sizzle and you’ll know when your pan is ready!

Use a 1/3 measuring cup to scoop and use to pour batter into your ready pan.

Now this first crepe Ben told me would be the “dog crepe”.  I thought about this for a second.  I had many thoughts, like I know when I make pancakes the first one usually isn’t the best cooked or best coloring, but I didn’t get the reference to a dog.  Well, their dog Jack, who also happens to like crepes, gets the first “imperfect” crepe ~ the dog crepe!

dancing dog for homemade crepes

Ok, now that Jack is satisfied with the first crepe, let’s get back to making the rest of the crepes.

After you pour the batter into a pile (don’t try and spread it all around the pan with the cup) use the pan itself to roll around into a perfect even layer. Pick up the pan and gently roll it so the batter meets the edges of the pan.

Now it’s time to watch your crepe.  It will let you know when it’s ready to flip and when it’s done.  Trust me.  Once the batter starts heating, it will become glossy.

pampered chef pan for making homemade crepes

Watch it, as it will change to semi – glossy…

At this point, not only is the texture and the look of the crepe changing from glossy to a matte finish, it is also bubbly looking.

pampered chef pan for making homemade crepes

This one is looking like it’s almost time to be flipped.  Give the crepe a flip and you will see a nice golden texture appear on the cooked side.

pampered chef pan for making homemade crepes

The cook time will be less on the second side.  Now it’s time to watch and listen.  When you hear the sizzle…it’s done.

Remove the finished crepe to a plate.  If you plan on consuming the crepes right away, go ahead and stack.  The heat with each added crepe will keep the stack warmed through so that who ever ends up with the last crepe in the stack will still be happy.

If you plan to use for later, place a piece of waxed paper between each crepe.  This will be easy to remove any desired amount of crepes without ripping any of the crepes.

Oh, so you probably won’t end up with the perfect amount of batter for your very last crepe.  You will probably run short.  Guess who already knew this –

cute dog waiting to dance for homemade crepes

Jack is back for more crepes.  He has so done this before.

So go ahead and make a silly design or pattern.  Have fun with it.  But make it fast because the dog is waiting impatiently for his crepe!

cute dog waiting to dance for homemade crepes


So this is how Ben served up his crepes: Full of bananas, whipped cream and strawberries.

fresh strawberries and bananas for homemade crepes with recipe

These homemade crepes were so good, I had to make these at home (strictly for research purposes only!).  You should know I am a peachy-kinda girl, so I filled mine with some peach jam, bananas and peaches.  I then drizzled it with caramel sauce and dusted the plate with powdered sugar.

The options are endless.  Will you go sweet?  Chocolate, caramel and fruits?  Or savory? I’ve got my mind on a Mediterranean crepe, full of chicken, spinach, artichokes and feta. Have fun with your crepes.  And your loved ones!

Ben's Famous Crepes Recipe

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Serves: 10-12


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 ¼ cups milk
  • 2 cups sifted flour
  • 1/2 stick butter, salted (4 TBSP)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice *Ben's secret ingredient



Crack 4 eggs into blender.


Add milk.


Turn blender on low speed and mix eggs and milk.


Slowly add one scoop of flour at a time until fully incorporated.


In microwaveable bowl, melt butter. Add vanilla and pumpkin spice.


Stream into blender.


Heat non-stick skillet to medium heat.


Generously coat with butter or spray.


Use 1/3 measuring cup to pour batter into pan.


Use pan handle to spread batter around to edges.


Watch batter texture turn from glossy to a matte finish. Flip with the look is all matte and slight bubbles appear.


Cooking on the second side will be less time. Watch and listen for a slight sizzle and you will know it's time to remove.


Place in stacks or separate with waxed paper.


Fill with favorite fruits, sauces or flavors. Roll and enjoy!

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