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Green Tea Sangria

green tea sangria

A few years ago I decided to make a change.  I decided I was going to quit soda.  But I knew enough to be successful I couldn’t just quite, I had to find a replacement.  I looked at a few alternatives and discovered green tea.  More specifically Traders Joe’s Green Tea.  It comes in a liter bottle and is less than $2.00 a bottle! (Each bottle is 33oz/1 QT). The main reason I like this Green Tea is there are ZERO calories and ZERO sugars. There are many good tasting green teas out there, but read the labels!  My dear husband just picked one up the other day.  I turned it to read the label.  70 calories and 16g of sugar!  No thanks.  He’s still a work in progress 😉

Summer time calls for refreshing drinks and Sangria is a perfect summer drink as you can make a pitcher and pour drinks all day long.  Nothing wrong with a little day drinkin’, right?!  I mean, you get your thirst quenched and you get some nutritional fruit.  Try combing your favorite white wine and mixing it with your favorite green tea and you have a winning Green Tea Sangria in your hands.  And let’s not forget the winning benefits of the green tea and all those great antioxidants!  So Green Tea Sangria is pretty much a health drink!

I love having lots of fresh seasonal fruit around.  However, when I’m making something specific like this Sangria, I find it’s much easier to cheat and buy prepackaged fruit like this one I find at Trader Joe’s.

sangria fruit

I love how easy sangrias go together and this is no different!  Find your favorite pitcher, prepare your fruit and get ready to invite your gal pals over!

I found these very seasonal Trader Joe’s cookies – they were Green Tea (Macha) Jo Jo’s.  Too bad I didn’t buy more and stock up.  They ran out fast.  Maybe my midsection is thankful for that.

green tea sangria


sangria green tea


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