BLT+AC (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, + Avocado & Chicken Healthy Wrap “protein style”

One of my favorite memories on a cruise with my husband many many moons ago, long before kids, was eating a BLT sandwich out on our veranda on the late afternoon after fun in the sun and before our big, late, dinner.  Now, our kids enjoy toasting up their own versions of toasted sandwiches.  Of course everyone has preferences and dislikes, but our offerings are aimed to please everyones palette in the family. Here is my version of a BLT+AC, a Bacon lettuce tomato avocado chicken, healthy wrap.

We had summer vacation through southern Oregon and Northern California – which means a visit (or two) to In-and-Out.  I ordered mine “protein style”, which is their version of a burger without the bun.  Instead, the burger (the protein) is wrapped in lettuce leaves.  This is my preference but not the rest of my family’s preference.  So while they toast up their bread, I prefer my BLT+AC, “protein style”!



If your family is anything like mine, when it comes to sandwiches, no one likes theirs the exact same way!  Everyone can customize their own sandwich their way and then everyone is happy, right!

During the warmer months, I’m always looking for ideas that don’t utilize the hot oven.  Sandwich night is perfect for that.  All the prep can be done, like the photo below, to accommodate everyones wants and needs for their sandwich.  In this case, it was an early spring evening so I popped the bacon in the oven for no fuss bacon.  On hot days,  I bake the bacon early in the morning or I’ll fry it in a pan.

Then you can walk away from it until everyone is ready for dinner.  Then the family can gather around the table or even make their own plate and it can be a family casual night.  In my house this might look like dad readying the paper (online), my youngest and myself reading a book and my oldest sharing snapchat photos or watching a show on her phone.

BLT sandwich

This is a fun anytime dinner idea, but more fun when the whole family is together and has some time to spend in the kitchen prepping all the ingredients. The kids are a great help at slicing tomatoes and avocados and washing lettuce leaves.  And for preparing the bread with butter for toasting.

BLT sandwich

The evening we made this is one of my favorite evenings of the spring.  The sun was out, everything was prepped with the kids after school and homework.  The table was set and the kids went back out to enjoy the sunshine for a while.  I sat and relaxed and caught up with the husband after work.  Then everyone came together around the table and we all assembled our own sandwiches to our own preferences.

blt sandwich

My oldest daughter went with the traditional BLT on homemade toasted bread.  I went with my “protein style” (no bread) or wrap version.  And it was so delicious!


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