Free Printable for Delivery Drivers

During the holidays of extra deliveries being made to the house, I put out a basket of snacks and drinks for the delivery drivers.

Since the Stay at Home order has been in place, there has also been an increase of deliveries. We decided it was definitely a time to share some thanks and appreciation to the drivers.

I have made my first FREE PRINTABLE to share with you all! When you print it, you can fold the margins in to accommodate your basket. The intention of the white space on top is to fold over for your basket.


I have reformatted this image since I finally sat down and learned how to share printables with you all!

An act of kindness: One day when I was out in my community getting some necessities (not TP!), I saw our driver, Kent. I remember him obviously from seeing him quite often during the week, but also because he wrote a very nice thank you card after the Christmas delivery rush.

When I saw him, I said hello and reminded him which street I was on. He quickly recognized me and said, “Yes, you’re that nice lady that always puts out treats and drinks for us!”. OK, that is all the reason I need to keep up this nice gesture.

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