Free Fall Printable for Delivery Drivers

During the holidays of extra deliveries being made to the house, I put out a basket of snacks and drinks for the delivery drivers. During the Stay at Home orders, when there was an increase of home deliveries, I updated my printable and did my first FREE PRINTABLE.

Now I have updated for a FALL FREE PRINTABLE for you! When you print it, you can fold the margins in to accommodate your basket. The intention of the white space on top is to fold over for your basket if you print on card stock. Or simply trim regular printer paper and glue stick it to card stock.

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Free Printable for Delivery Drivers

During the holidays of extra deliveries being made to the house, I put out a basket of snacks and drinks for the delivery drivers.

Since the Stay at Home order has been in place, there has also been an increase of deliveries. We decided it was definitely a time to share some thanks and appreciation to the drivers.

I have made my first FREE PRINTABLE to share with you all! When you print it, you can fold the margins in to accommodate your basket. The intention of the white space on top is to fold over for your basket.

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St. Patrick’s Day Pom Pom Decorations

The seasons are changing and I am finding that time here in the Pacific Northwest that I am still hopeful to see some snowflakes, yet squealing in delight as I see spring bulbs starting to burst through the soggy dirt.

The red, pink and white from Valentine’s day are packed away and now the spring green and glittery gold colors are starting to pop up around the house.

Years ago, a neighbor cleaned out their bin of crafts and gave my girls some unused crafting goodies.  In there was some cute colorful pom poms.  I have this window by front door that is small enough to look out, yet big enough to let light in and show off all the little finger and nose prints on the window.

I actually don’t even recall how and when I came across the fishing wire on my husbands work bench. ¬†I don’t recall him fishing. And we don’t talk too much about that time he came back from fishing with a fish hook in his cheek. ¬†Anyway, as I was trying to find the best way to string¬†these pom poms together, the fishing wire find was a light bulb! ¬†It’s clear, flexible and makes a great hidden string.

A trip to Hobby Lobby got me the cute gold glittery pom poms!

Craft items needed for Pom Pom Decorations

  • Craft pom poms
  • Fishing wire
  • Needle
  • Hanging tools such as Command Hooks
  • Old magazines (to store your pom pom strand, trust me on this!)
  • Clear packing tape

craft pom pom diy

pom pom craft diy

pom pom crafts

I don’t do much sewing, or much mending for that matter. ¬†But I keep this little tote and push pin and needle holder handy.

pom pom craft diy

Thread your needle and tie a double knot in the other end of your string so your first pom pom won’t slide right off the end!

Now start to string your first pom pom!  My daughter helped me select each pom pom.  She had fun figuring out a pattern to match when we did two strings side by side.

pom pom craft diy

pom pom craft diy

pom pom craft diy

Now, take it from my experience that when you want to take this down and store for next year you can do this the hard way or take a few extra minutes and prepare something so it is a dream to unpack in next year and not a nightmare.

So my lesson learned was that you can’t just carefully lay this in your tote and happily pull it out next year. ¬†It will inevitably tangle up into a knotted mess that will probably make you add a few quarters to your swear jar and throwing the whole thing away.

I have a great way for you to store it that makes it so much easier. ¬†Grab an old magazine and roll it. ¬†Then secure it on both ends with packing tape, masking tape, what ever you have handy. ¬†But make sure it’s not just Scotch tape as it is not strong enough.

garland storage hack

garland storage hack

Then secure one end of the clear wire over over the taped part of your magazine roll.  Now carefully start to wrap it around the magazine.

garland storage hack

My only other tip I have about this is do ONE magazine for ONE garland strand.  Again, speaking from experience here!  The clear, thin wire still manages to get tangled up in each other and becomes a mess.  Just make it easy on your future self and store them separately!

This is fun to do with all the different season or even birthdays with the birthday boy or girls favorite colors.

How to Make a Ribbon Topiary

Don’t you just love a good craft project? ¬†Where you can spread out all the materials around and just think of the possibilities? ¬†Making a ribbon topiary is a simple project to add a splash of color to your space and create some height where ever you decide to place it.

I am going to be redoing mine and will show you as I go along just how simple this project is!

Here is my old topiary when I had my little office space pink, brown and white. ¬†(Mode & Brown for any Gamma Phi’s out there!).

I recently painted the accent wall in my office¬†a pretty peach (go figure!). So I wanted to redo my topiary with new coordinating ribbon. I chose some with different textures (sheer, ribbed, wired, satiny). ¬†Also look in the sewing aisle for Rick Rack (the gray wavy ribbon at bottom of photo). ¬†Other smaller ribbons were on end displays. ¬†Keep your eye out. ¬†The best ribbon isn’t in the obvious spots!


  • Small Planter
  • Peat Moss
  • Different sized and textured ribbon in coordinating colors
  • Pins
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Styrofoam Balls (2, one to fit inside and one to be a balanced shape at top)

I looked for a different planter and base, but I didn’t find one I liked. ¬†So, I painted the one I had. ¬†Lucky me, I already had white and silver metallic spray paint!

Here’s a tip for spray painting a small item:

Find a box, open it up until 3 walls are open and you have the base in tact.  Place the item inside and spray with out the mist getting on anything in the area. I taped off this edge so I could spray silver on the inside of the pot.

Once dry, I placed the smaller styrofoam ball in the bottom of pot.  Work the dowel through the ball.  Place the larger ball at top.  Place peat moss around to cover styrofoam ball.

Next, the fun part! ¬†I recommend putting your self in front of Netflix or your favorite TV show is this is not a quick 5 minute project. ¬†But your patience will be rewarded every time you look at your beauty. ¬†Plus, if you’re like me, a little project like this is just good for the soul. ¬†It forces you to just relax, SIT, and focus on one task.

Back to the fun part, cutting each ribbon into small strips, rolling and pinning! I can’t really give you the exact measurement to cut as I didn’t measure with a tape measure. ¬†And I don’t know the size of your project. ¬†I simply rolled a piece of ribbon still on the spool held it up close to the ball and gave it a good look until I knew from the look that it was just right. ¬†You’ll know. ¬†From that first piece, I used that as my guide. ¬†Good news, this doesn’t need size for every single piece. ¬†As long as it just ever so slight give a nice look to your piece.

Keep at it with different ribbons, placing them at different angles to give it some movement and play.

I was lucky enough to have my 12 year old want to volunteer and help!  We had quite the system, one would measure and cut ribbon and the other would roll it and pin it.  It was a fun time together.  And no one got hurt.  Too much!

Have fun choosing your coordinating colors!  You could even change this up seasonally. I know I am enjoying this in my work space!

Convert a Hanging Basket to Holiday Basket

Craft Wednesday

I am no green thumb. ¬†In fact, I’m¬†usually the first one to kill a plant, hard as I try to keep the flowers and plants alive. ¬†I am especially bad and keeping the perennials maintained through the winter so I have pretty flowers and plants in my yard come spring time.

Outside our bedroom door, we have a pretty view of our backyard and the sting of lights set to a timer that we keep on year ’round. ¬†I call them my happy lights. ¬†I love walking back and having the sparkly lights brighten my space. ¬†I usually have a hanging basket in the summer time that miraculously blooms flowers (that I may have to update throughout the season. ¬†You can probably read between the lines there and assume that means replace the dead flowers with new ones).

It becomes an eyesore come wintertime. ¬†With the high hopes that I can’t kill fake plants, I thought this would be the best place to make a holiday arrangement. ¬†With lights, of course!

Here is what you need to collect:

  • Hanging basket or planter
  • Christmas greens, 5-6 pieces, depending on size of planter
  • Other accessories such as berries, pine cones
  • Battery operated lights (I had LED on hand)


First, I removed all the dead leaves and branches from my basket. ¬†As luck would have it, it wasn’t the entire planter! ¬†Then, I pulled any hanging branches towards the middle to give me room to add my faux holiday greens on the sides to create the illusion of bulk.











I used a mixed variety of greenery to give a look of depth.

Once I inserted the stems into the dirt, it was time to fluff the branches. ¬†This really bulked up the look and made the planter look so full. ¬†Plus don’t forget some perennials that I didn’t manage to kill are hibernating in the middle to come to life come spring! ¬†I used this centerpiece to also build upon, so it’s a mix of faux and some really greenery.












See how in this first close up you can see some real leaves from a plant that must be super hardy to live in my planter? ¬†I think it’s a pretty mix. ¬†Spend some time after inserting all the pieces to ¬†look at it from all different angles and make sure you like the way each branch is laying, how the light cords appear, etc. ¬†I’m sure after I took these pictures, I’ve moved some branches or cords around.










So the weather almost didn’t hold out for me this year to get a great photo with the lights all on. ¬†It has turned gray and cold. I tried my best to capture this night photo with my happy lights. ¬†¬†I love¬†to see the colorful basket outside my bedroom sliding doors every time I walk by.


Beer Advent Calendar – 12 Beers of Christmas

We all have that special someone that just loves counting down the days until Christmas, right? ¬†Well, my big guy (husband) isn’t much into chocolate. ¬†But he loves his beer! ¬†He does so many special things for me through out the year and the season, that I decided he needed some extra cheer in celebrating the season. ¬†He puts up the tree and all the lights, he gets a beer advent calendar. ¬†Sounds like a good deal to me.

Here is how I did it, and how you can do it to get ready by December 13th, so your favorite someone can start celebrating ’12 Beers of Christmas’.

Gather these materials:

  • 12 Beers
  • Recycled wine box (with partitions still in box)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Box knife
  • Packing tape
  • Card stock paper
  • Sharpie or number stickers

First, start collecting different types of bottles of beer. ¬†Think local, think seasonal and think international! This is the basic expense of the project.¬†It’s fun to mix up the 12 beer selection with cans, 12 oz bottles and some 22 oz bottles. Look for the stores that sell single bottles. ¬†And careful about taking one from a six pack. ¬†I was informed at one store that the price would be hefty to break up a six pack. ¬†So be thrifty. ¬†Hit your local specialty grocery stores or bottle shops/tap houses for great selections. ¬†And it’s OK if you sneak one that just happens to be your preference. ¬†I won’t tell! (Just like you won’t tell that I slipped in a ‘Not Your Father’s¬†Rootbeer‘ – have you tried this with ice cream for a float – oh my!).

Next, you need a sturdy box already partitioned into 12 slots. ¬†I asked while at Trader Joe’s if their boxes of two buck Chuck (well, now $3.99) were available and they asked me how many I wanted and were happy to send me on my way with a few; free of charge.



I found my paper at Hobby Lobby. ¬†Any holiday paper will do, but I liked the simplicity of this butcher paper look. ¬†It seemed a little more masculine! But I couldn’t resist a simple gold sparkly tulle to wrap around the box!

After you get the box home, you will need to use a box knife and trim up the box to accommodate your biggest bottle. ¬†Next, you will need to reinforce the individual slots to the cardboard sides. ¬†Look at the provided space divider and pull it forward so it is more centered as it’s laying down, but more importantly so it lines up so when you cover each beer slot, you have room to tape the square over and have it extend past the bottle.



Use packing tape to go through all 12 slots and tape corners and edges to allow for the weight of the beer while the box lays on it’s side. ¬†Remember, this box is used to hold upright bottles!

Now you can measure the square covering for the 12 days.  Measure twice, cut once (my dad would be proud of this one).

numbers-ready put-on-numbers

Carefully attach each square with tape so it is all lined up (I get a little OCD on this.  Sometimes I have to let it go). I did this by laying a large piece of packing tape across the back, folding it and then placing it centered in the square.


Now you are ready to fill it with your beer!  How fun.

Erasable Menu Frame Craft

Custom Weekly Menu Frame

How often do you hear, “Mom! ¬†What’s for dinner?”. ¬†Daily? ¬†Here is fun craft you can do (even with the kids!!) to display your weekly menu. ¬†And potentially not here those famous words. ¬†Now, the kids know where to look. ¬†Or if they forget and ask, I just point!

Grab these items, or add them to your next shopping list!

  • 5 x 7 Frame
  • Craft paper – one background, one solid color
  • Number stickers (or a sharpie if you like your handwriting!)
  • Round large hole punch (an alternate would be to just cut a square)
  • Adhesive squares or glue stick
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Bistro Pen (it will wipe easily from the glass)

Disassemble frame.  Use backing to use as your template as the size to cut your background paper.  Use a steady hand and scissors or use a paper trimmer.  Once paper is cut, place in frame to make sure it fits properly.  Keep it inside frame as template.

Gather your materials

Punch out the circles with solid paper (or cut squares). ¬†Apply stickers or hand write M-T-W-T-F. Now cut your solid paper slightly smaller in width as your “day of the week” circle (or square). ¬† ¬†Line this up on top of the glass on the frame. ¬†Play around with the layout and trim as needed. ¬†Don’t forget to leave room at the top for your Family Menu title!


Once your layout looks all peachy keen, remove the glass, but keep the background paper still in frame (you may need to put the glass behind the paper then attach the back so the paper stays tight with the frame or you might not get your solid papers lined up properly.  Now, start applying the solid weekly strips to background paper.

Now for the title. ¬†I have used Microsoft Publisher for years and am very comfortable with the formatting. ¬†Use any publication at your fingertips! ¬†I love fonts (I mean, I even have a board on Pinterest called ‘font freak’ if that tells you anything!). ¬†Play around with a few that are your style. A few I like are or ¬† ¬†I also print out a few in different sizes so I have one sheet with 3-4 variations. ¬†That way, when I go to look for the one that fits, I am only printing once and I’m pretty guaranteed one is a winner! ¬†No back and forth to the computer resizing and printing and cutting…

Find fonts the compliment each other for the Menu title

Find fonts the compliment each other for the Menu title

Apply the title (left side, centered, right side, oh the choices!) and assemble the frame. ¬†Your done! ¬†I like to put my left over paper in a paper tote labeled ‘Scrap Paper’ because I always seem to find projects where I just need a little bit of colored paper.

One last option is to purchase a book or plate stand. ¬†This adds another layer of fun and adds to your decor. ¬†Plus, it gives you something to hide the bistro pen behind ūüėČ



Grab that Bistro pen and plan away!  Happy meal planning!