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Easy Beef Rouladen

Oh, welcome Fall! The smell of rain and spices are in the air. And in my kitchen, I desire the smells of the hearty flavors of one of my favorite fall dishes. Quick and Easy Beef Rouladen!

Traditionally, rouladen is thinly sliced meet (most likely originally veal or pork), wrapped around pickles, mustard and bacon. Well, onions are in some traditional ones, but we don’t need to go into my dislike for onions (although, I must admit, I am slowly making progress after many decades). Then its served with potato dumplings or noodles and pickled cabbage.

I love making spätzle, so I will share that recipe with you, too! It’s super simple and is a quick and easy noodle dish that consists of flour, eggs and milk.

This dish can sometimes take hours to prepare, slow roasting the beef. But for you, my friends, I’ve got a version for you that is less than 45 minutes! So go to your Spotify and while you prepare this savory dish, let me suggest you put on an Oktoberfest Playlist.

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